Slide-Ezzz Sliding Door Repair Kit

$ 30.95

The Slide-Ezzz Sliding Door Repair Kit is for sliding glass patio doors that don't slide well due to a worn out sliding door track, sliding glass door wheels, or sliding glass door rollers.

By putting a hard, Teflon impregnated, specially formed, slippery plastic on the corners of the sliding door (Corner Brackets) and gluing down a hard, flat, slippery plastic on the door track or threshold (Tracking Strips), the sliding door then slides Teflon on plastic.

The Teflon impregnated material used for the "Corner Brackets" was originally designed for very abusive applications, such as chain guides. Therefore, the kit should for thousands of cycle and many years. Plus, you don't even have to remove your existing sliding glass doors to install Slide-Ezzz.


Kit Contents:


Kit includes all the parts, including screws and ahesive, to repair one standard sliding glass patio door up to 8 feet in length.

Additional "Tracking Strips" can be ordered for sliding patio doors longer than 8 feet in length.

There is no need to order or use any other type of sliding door replacement hardware when using the "Slide-Ezzz" Sliding Door Repair Kit.


2 - 8 foot long, hard slippery flat plastic "Tracking Strips"
2 - Specially formed Teflon impregnated "Corner Brackets"
8 - self adhesive shims for adjustment
1 - Tube of Glue
4 - Self drilling Phillips Head screws


Teflon impregnated "Corner Brackets" come in black  and use the existing roller rail as a guide so the door slides straight. Shown here with shims and screws.



 "Tracking Strips" or the hard, slippery plastic strips that are glued to the threshold come in either black or white. 


The "Tracking Strips" are 1/8 inch thick and the "Corner Brackets" are 1/4 inch thick. Therefore you will need 1/2 inch of room (giving 1/8" of "slop margin") between the flat portion of the threshold or sliding door track and the bottom of the sliding door to install this "Sliding Door Repair Kit". Pick up on the sliding door and measure to make sure there is enough room.

For lower level beachfront sliding doors, use only one "Tracking Strip" on the inside as the wind blows the sand against the sliding door threshold track and using the "Tracking Strip" on the outside may cause the door to be hard to slide.

Product also DOES NOT WORK on doors with a "U" shaped frame as the "Corner Brackets" need a flat surface on which to be adhered.