Autoslide i3 Collar ID Pet Door Kit

$ 575.00

Product Description

AUTOSLIDE™ i3 Collar ID Pet Kit

 If you are worried about the neighbor’s cats or unwanted animals entering your home via the motion pet sensors, an Autoslide i3 Collar ID Pet Door Kit is what you need instead. With the help of a special magnetic pet sensor, only pets wearing the magnetic collar tag will be able to trigger a pet open when they are within range of the sensor. ​

​Only one i3 magnetic pet sensor is required per door and needs to be hard-wired back to the Autoslide system using the included cable. The sensor will need to be mounted as close to the glass as possible so that it can pick up signal from the collar tag on the pet whether its inside or outside. If there is a screen door as well as a glass door, it is recommended that you purchase an additional wireless motion pet sensor for the inside to let the pet out and mount the i3 magnetic pet sensor on the outside to let your pet back in. ​

More than one pet? Each i3 Pet Door Kit comes with 2 collar tags but you can more separately. You can have as many collar tags work with the same sensor as required.

Note: AUTOSLIDE™ does not assume any responsibility or liability for unwanted animals entering the house by following closely behind unknowing pets or running in just before door closes!​

Autoslide i3 Collar ID Kit Includes

  • One AUTOSLIDE™ drive system
  • One aluminium cover
  • One mounting bracket
  • Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
  • One i3 Pet Door Set (1 x i3 sensor and 2 x collar tags)
  • One Low voltage plug-in power pack
  • Two 20" racks with assembly kit
  • Friction Tester
  • Installation screws and Allen key
  • Instruction booklet & Installation DVD

Technical Specifications

Maximum Door Weight: 200 lbs 
Maximum Drag Weight: 12 lbs.
Available Colors: Black (UPC 859807002195) or White (UPC 859807002201)
Maximum Door Width: 38 inches with included tracks (additional width possible with purchase of Extension Rack)
Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 24 VDC Power Pack
Safety Cut Off: Yes
Automatic to Manual Mode: Yes
Warranty: Two Year

Autoslide Physical Size

Weight: 8 lbs
 19 inches (490mm)
Height: 2.75 inches (70mm)
Width: 2.5 inches (65mm)